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Jenesis International Inc. was founded because of our profound passion for creating innovative, market changing products.  We grew out of the Senior New Product Design Team of a large consumer electronics company.  The company went through several buy-outs and slowly lost its focus on product innovation and subsequently its market leadership as well.  Disillusioned by the changes in the company and looking for a way to bring something new to the market, our founding members chose to strike out on their own, pooling their talents to form Jenesis International Inc.  

Jenesis officially op
ened its doors in 1999 with three employees; Brad Jensen, Kim McCavit, and Roger Bentley.  We were all packed together in a one room office with stacks of manuals, computers, oscilloscopes, soldering stations, wire spools, and potted plants in a building we shared with a financial planning company.  The space was so tight that whenever anyone walked in our front door they were immediately in Brad’s office.  So for many years he was not only the company president, but the receptionist and shipping clerk as well.

We began by contracting our electrical engineering services to companies seeking to develop new products.  Our first customer was, in fact, our previous employer.  At the same time, we also started tinkering in other product categories, looking for ways to create our own unique value in seemingly stagnant markets.  As with any start-up company, the first years were tough.  There were times when the next contract came just in time to keep us going and on more than a few occasions we were burning the midnight oil to keep the business afloat.

Despite the difficulties, one of the pleasures of our business is the quality of our teamwork, honed over twenty years of working side by side.  We learned a long time ago how to work together effectively, utilizing our best talents to achieve the best possible results.  And over the years, as more contract work came in, our wives, children, family friends, and an array of summer interns from local high schools were added as Jenesis employees, each contributing their own value and pushing us forward.

Out of this mix of talents, design philosophies, and unconventional thinking came over thirty patents filed under the Jenesis name.  Our efforts led to products delivered to our contract partners that have sold tens of millions of units and are available at nearly every major home center and dozens of retailers nationwide. You may not have heard of us before, but chances are you’ve seen the products we’ve designed; you may even own a few already.   In fact, if you’ve purchased a motion sensing lighting control, wireless doorbell, or flameless electric candle in the last ten years, you either bought something we designed or a competitor’s imitation of our product innovations.

Now, having achieved market leading success developing products for others, we are once again striking out on our own, this time bringing our products to market ourselves.  The launching of Jenesisproducts.com represents the first time we have sold directly to consumers, and we are extremely excited about this new opportunity.  For over ten years Jenesis has represented the highest value in engineering and design services.  Now it is our goal to represent the highest standard of innovation and usability in consumer products as well. As you peruse our site, getting to know us and our products, you can rest assured that no matter which Jenesis offering you might choose we have spent thousands of hours of work making sure each one is designed to match how real people really use our products in the real world. 


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