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What is Guide Lighting?
Jenesis offers two products advertised as guide lights, the Deck Marker Light, and Mini LED Guide Lights.  But what is guide lighting and how can it be useful to you?

Imagine arriving at an unfamiliar house for the first time.  You’re ready to wow everyone at the party with your famous cheesy potato casserole, but first you have to make it, hot dish in hand, across the pitch-black, unfamiliar yard.  You take a few uncertain steps toward the pool of light by the door.  Then, blessed relief, you spot a line of gently glowing lights marking the path up to the porch, where you find each step carefully marked by yet another soft light.  You and your cheesy potatoes make it safely into the party, and all in everyone is duly impressed with your culinary contribution.

At their most basic level guide lights offer the convenience of finding your way and avoiding obstacles in the dark, sparing you embarrassment and stubbed toes.  But when used creatively, they can be more.  Outdoor guide lights can also serve as architectural accent lights, adding an attractive touch of light to your driveway, garage, front steps, or back deck.  Battery powered guide lights also create a ready-made power outage lighting system inside and outside your home.  Even if every other house on the street is blacked out, you will still have the security of being able to move around your house with ease.

Who Can Benefit from Guide Lighting?

baby’s room in the darkParents of Infants
Taking care of a baby in the middle of the night creates a host of challenges, but finding your way to the crib doesn’t have to be one of them.  With the proper application of guide lighting, walking to the baby’s room in the middle of the night can be easy.  No need to wake up your spouse or seer your own eyeballs by turning on brighter lights.

batter powered night lightChildren
Want to make sure your children can find their way in from the backyard after an evening of watching stars and catching fireflies?  A few guide lights on the back path and up the porch steps will ensure they make it inside without any scraped knees.  And what child doesn’t want the security of a nightlight in their room?   But plug-in nightlights are tethered to an outlet, and prevent other devices from being plugged in.  With Jenesis’ long-lasting, battery powered guide lighting, your child can put their nightlight anywhere they want it, knowing that they can count on thousands of hours of gentle light.

Lighting for Light SleepersLight Sleepers and Early Risers
Up before (or after) everyone else in your home?  Guide lighting can help you move around the house without turning on brighter lights or stumbling over something and waking up the rest of the house.

Porch Step LightHouseguests
It’s always a treat when your favorite friends or relatives come in from out of state for a long holiday weekend, but being unfamiliar with your house they can find themselves in some uncomfortable situations trying to move around in the dark.  Having your guests trip on the way up your front steps, hit the garbage disposal instead of the kitchen light switch, or bump into that sharp corner on the way to the bathroom can all be prevented with good guide lighting.

Deck Accent LightingHome Owners and Do-It-Yourselfers
No need to call an electrician or run wires with battery powered guide lights.  In just minutes you can add decorative accent lighting to show off your prize deck or patio.  And you can easily create a reliable power outage lighting system with a lit path all the way to the fuse box in the basement.  

Step LightingThe Elderly
Difficulty sleeping and decreased night vision are inevitable problems of aging, as is trouble with balance.   Proper use of guide lighting can provide reliable low level lighting at night, a stabilizing visual reference in the dark, and peace of mind for the elderly and their loved ones.

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