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Home Exterior LightingMost home owners are very aware of the lighting inside their homes.  After all, they use it every day.  However, since most people are inside after dark, fewer home owners consider the lighting outside their homes.  That is until they trip coming up the front steps, have trouble getting the key in the front door, or want to host a barbeque on their brand new deck.  Outdoor lighting can greatly enhance the home you work so hard to maintain, but how do you get those lights put up in the first place?

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer with well-developed carpentry and electrical skills, installing line voltage outdoor sconces or a 12 volt deck lighting system might be right up your alley.  Unfortunately, most home owners don’t have the knowledge or tools for such an involved project.  The natural alternative is to hire a contractor.  But unless your best friend is an electrician who owes you a favor, hiring someone to install outdoor lighting comes with its own issues of trust, reliability, and cost.  

A cheaper and easier alternative is battery powered outdoor lights, like those offered by Jenesis.  You can put up these easy to install, wireless light fixtures yourself in minutes anywhere around the outside of your home.  And if you’ve selected a Jenesis outdoor lighting product, it will continue to faithfully provide light for over a year on one set of batteries.  So where can these outdoor lights be useful to you?

Motion Activated Deck LightingDeck Lighting
A deck or patio is a perfect way to spend a peaceful summer evening, and a particularly nice deck will make you the envy of your entire neighborhood.  But how do you keep the backyard party going once the sun goes down?   Weatherproof, battery powered deck lights can be installed in just minutes on any post, pillar, or rail around your deck to add attractive and functional lighting to your outdoor living spaces.  And unlike solar yard lights, Jenesis’ deck lights don’t need to be installed in sunlight and will still provide reliable dusk to dawn lighting for over a year between battery replacements.
Battery Powered Decorative Outdoor Lighting
Accent Lighting
Nothing adds life to the outside of your home like a splash of light, so why should Christmas be the only time your house is decked and trimmed with it?  When properly applied, accent lighting can add both beauty and safety to your home.  A wireless light on your mailbox makes your driveway harder to miss and your mailbox harder to accidentally back in to with your car.  A pair of simple to install wireless lights on either side of your garage door highlights that new siding you’re so proud of and makes it a little easier to park in the garage without nicking the door panels.  And a motion activated light by the front door will make sure that you can always get your keys in the lock the first time.
Wireless Step Lighting
Step Lighting
The steps of your front porch or back deck are an excellent place to add a little light.  Not only does it accent the exterior of your home, it also adds a valuable and unobtrusive safety feature.  Outdoor step lighting can help your guests find their way to your front door in the dark and reduce the number of tripping incidents around your home, especially if you live in an area prone to icy winters.Motion Activated Security Lighting

Security Lighting
Light is an effective deterrent of crime and vandalism.  Motion activated lights placed around doorways and other entry points to your home and yard will alert you to the presence of intruders, and convince most of them that your house isn’t worth the trouble.

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