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Over one-hundred years of combined industry experience and over thirty collective patents means one thing the folks at Jensis have in abundance is knowledge. Rather than keeping all that hard-earned information to ourselves, we've decided to share it with anyone who might be curious. Our primary areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, light emitting diodes (LEDs), passive and active infrared sensors (PIR/AIR), short range wireless signals, battery power, and battery life. We've tried to put together articles of particular relevance to the products for sale here, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Jenesis and Indiegogo Jenesis Flashlight Lights Up Indiegogo

Posted 1/29/2013

Jenesis launches it's first forray into the flashlight market through Indiegogo campaign.
How Jenesis Reinvented Fire How Jenesis Reinvented Fire

Posted 11/11/2012

Learn how a small company form Michigan invented a new, multi-million dollar product segment.
What do wireless LED candles actually look like? What do Those Electric Candles Actually Look Like?

Posted 11/5/2012

See what the realistic flicker of our flameless LED candles actually looks like.
Motion Activated Public Restroom Mixtures Those Darned Motion Activated Faucets

Posted 9/30/2012

Tips for making motion sensing public restrooms work for you from a company that makes motion sensing products.
How LEDs Work How do LEDs Work?

Posted 8/28/2012

A simple explanation of the workings of an LED and how LEDs can be valuable to you.
How to Dispose of Batteries Properly How to Dispose of Batteries Properly

Posted 8/20/2012

Most people have a vague idea that maybe they shouldn't through batteries in the trash.  But is it true?
Make Motion Sensors Work for You 4 Tips to Make Motion Sensors Work for You

Posted 7/23/2012

Learn four quick tips for properly setting up automatic motion sensing products and giving them the best chance to work for you.
Wireless Motion Deck Lighting Motion Deck Light Backstory

Posted 7/17/2012

Learn how we developed the new Motion Deck Light with brighter light and longer battery life.
Motion Activated LED Deck Lighting I Made the Motion Deck Light

Posted 7/9/2012

Mechanical engineer Mark Goldy talks about the process of developing the next generation of Jenesis' LED deck lighting.
New Motion Activated, Battery Powered, LED Deck LIghting How to Use the Motion Deck Light

Posted 7/2/2012

Versital and customizable, the Motion Deck Light has a wide range of potential applications.  This brief video explains how to make the Motion Deck Light work for you.
Making New LED Battery Lighting Products Investing in Product Development

Posted 6/25/2012

Jenesis President Brad Jensen shares some of his thoughts on how to make good investments in new product development.
Automatic LED Cabinet Light I Made the In-Cabinet Light

Posted 6/18/2012

Mechanical engineer Mark Goldy talks about his role in developing the mechanical and aesthetic design of the In-Cabinet Light.

Video Guide for the Glowing Key Fob and Mini LED Guide Light How to Use the Glow Fob and Guide Lights

Posted 6/4/2012

Simple but effective, the Glowing Key Fob and Mini LED Guide Light help you find your way in the dark.  We've create these short videos to show you how they work.
In-Cabinet Light Performance Testing In-Cabinet Light Testing

Posted 6/1/2012

The reliability of our products is our top priority.  These videos demonstrate just two of the dozens of tests we conducted with our In-Cabinet Light.
Battery Warning Label Battery Warnings to Take Seriously

Posted 5/28/2012

Everyone has seen the warning labels on battery powered products, but most consumers don't know what they really mean.  We're here to explain.

Biographies Jenesis' Interns Meet the Interns

Posted 5/21/2012

Jenesis has always been proud to hire promissing young engineering talent as part of our summer internship program.  The hard work of these students has contributed greatly to the products available on this site, and we wanted to introduce you to them.
Kitchen Lighting How to Use the In-Cabinet Light

Posted 5/14/2012

The In-Cabinet Light is one of our most versitile products.  We've created this short video to help you find out where the cabinet light might be useful to you.
Don't Get Ripped Off

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Battery Lighting - Advanced Course

Posted 4/30/2012

It's always hard to tell if a battery lighting product will live up to the claims on the packaging.  Here is a simple formula for testing those claims before you ever get the product home.

Don't Get Ripped Off

9 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Battery Lighting

Posted 4/23/2012

At some point everyone has been disappointed by an LED lighting product that didn’t last as long or shine as bright as expected. With this in mind we wanted to share some tips for avoiding buyer’s remorse next time.

Deck Lighting

How to Use the Deck Marker Light

Posted 4/16/2012

We make every effort to create simple and intuitive products but sometimes it helps to see them in action.  With that in mind we put together a quick video showing how to install the Deck Marker Light.

Low Glow

What is Low Glow?

Posted 4/9/2012

We mention Low Glow quite a bit in our product descriptions, but what is it really?  Here's our exlpanation of what it is and how it was developed.

In-Cabinet Light

In-Cabinet Light Backstory

Posted 4/2/2012

The In-Cabinet Light is one of our favorite products and we wanted to share with you the process of how we created it.

Battery Life

How is Battery Life Calculated?

Posted 3/26/2012

Have you ever wondered how they came up with the expected battery life on your favorite battery powered product?  We're here to clear up the mystery.

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