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What is Task Lighting?The overall lighting in your kitchen, office, craft room, or shop might be great, but sometimes you need a light that shines directly on your work.  This is called task lighting, and it can make a host of different household chores easier.  Jenesis offers two products, the In-Cabinet Light, and the Motion Deck Light that can be used as highly effective battery powered task lights.  No need to run wires or fill up electrical outlets, and thanks to high-efficiency LEDs and quality engineering these do-it-yourself lights will run faithfully for a year or more on one set of batteries.

Undercabinet LightingIndoor Task Lighting
With the touch or a button the In-Cabinet Light can provide 100 hours of bright, adjustable task lighting, no electrician required.  Install it as under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, no need to run wires or take up any of those precious countertop outlets.  Put the light over your desk or craft table and you’ve got perfect lighting for finding that dropped stitch, or, heaven forbid, paying those monthly bills.  Mount the cabinet light on the underside of the shelving unit over your garage workbench, and in just minutes you have perfect do-it-yourself lighting for taking apart that stubborn weed trimmer or untangling your favorite fly fishing reel.

Outdoor Work Light
Outdoor Task Lighting
Doing chores outside your house after dark usually involves a flashlight or a glaring floodlight.  Why not have a hands-free, wireless, motion activated task light out there just waiting to help you with your work?  The Motion Deck Light glows gently in the dark, brightens immediately when motion is detected, and will run for a year or more between battery changes.  Install a motion light near the garden water spigot, pool pump, or outdoor propane tank to make them easier to check at night.  Put a light by the doors to your house, garage, or shed so you never have to fumble with keys or a padlock again and to deter intruders.

With good task lighting you can get those household jobs done faster with less frustration, and a lot less eye strain.  And with Jenesis’ lighting products you can have that light in an attractive, wireless, long lasting, do-it-yourself package.

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