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Posted on 7/31/12 by Aaron Goldy, Web Marketing Department, Jenesis International

Over the past two years my wife and I have had the privilege of moving all over the country while she works as a travel nurse and I work online. This has given us the opportunity to do and see things we never would have done otherwise, but it has also lead to a long string of new apartments and all the issues they bring. Some of the most common problems we face are inadequate lighting in the apartment, lack of power outlets, and simply learning our way around our new, often cramped, home. However, thanks to the array of Jenesis wireless lighting products we carry with us, we’ve managed to fix many of these issues with ease.

What Makes a Good Apartment Light?
Guide Lighting for Your HomeThe two most important factors in apartment lighting are portability and versatility. Jenesis’ lights can be easily installed in just minutes anywhere in your apartment, and because they’re all battery powered lights they don’t take up any of those vital electrical outlets. With multiple applications and operating modes Jenesis’ LED lighting products can be used in dozens of creative ways. And when it’s time to move out of your apartment, the lights can be easily removed, packed up, and reinstalled at your next location.

Stick Anywhere Guide Lighting
The Mini LED Guide Lights are the products we rely on the most when we move to a new apartment. We’ve found that with proper use of the guide lights we can eliminate the old headache of learning the new apartment floor plan and light switch layout. As soon as we move in, one guide light goes up over the light switch by the front door and another by the main switch panel for the apartment, making both of them easy to find in the dark. With the frequent parade of new kitchens I often have trouble remembering which switch controls the garbage disposal, especially if there is a light switch mounted nearby. By placing a Mini LED Guide Light over the kitchen light switch I eliminate the risk of noisily jarring myself into consciousness by accidentally hitting the garbage disposal instead of the lights on the way to making my morning coffee. And of course within the first few days of moving in we always find that one wall, sharp corner, or doorway that seems to reach out and grab you every time you walk past. In our current apartment it’s the bathroom door, which for some reason opens outward into the main walkway. By placing a guide light above the bathroom doorknob there are no more stubbed toes from walking to the bathroom at night.

Automatic Battery Powered Cabinet LightingWireless Kitchen Lighting
The built-in lighting in many apartments is notoriously inadequate. This seems to be especially true in the kitchen, where we’ve found Jenesis’ In-Cabinet Light to be very useful. Mounted with its adhesive pad in the cramped corner cupboard, the In-Cabinet Light makes it easier to quickly find the right lid for our pots and pans. And if the landlord doesn’t mind us putting a few screws into the cabinetry, mounting the cabinet light under the cabinets creates excellent countertop lighting exactly where it is needed. And thanks to the battery powered design, there are no wires to run and the cabinet light doesn’t take up those precious countertop outlets.

Easy Outdoor Lighting
While our current apartment doesn’t have a deck or balcony, we have enjoyed this luxury in the past and always take the opportunity to do a little grilling on the patio. When we manage to get an apartment with a patio the Motion Deck Light makes an excellent do-it-yourself wireless lighting solution for our outdoor space, faithfully turning on automatically when I go out to check the grill.


Apartment-Safe Candlelight
Be it holiday decorations, classing up a dinner party, or some romantic mood lighting, sometimes we want candles in our apartment.  Tragically (or perhapds wisely) most apartments and dorms don't allow calndles or open flames of any kind.  To fill this gap in our apartment decor, we use the Jenesis' line of battery powered flameless candles. The LED candles provide warm glow of realisitic candlelight for holiday window decorations, dinnertable centerpieces, or anywhere else we may want a candle in our apartment.


Wireless Decorative Deck LightingMore Apartment Lighting Ideas
Of course thanks to the Glowing Key Fob we’ve never lost our new apartment keys, and we’ve even found a use for the Deck Marker Light in our apartment. While it wasn’t one of the planned use cases, the Deck Marker Light makes an excellent bathroom nightlight. It provides enough light for a late night trip to the toilet without being blinding or requiring us to turn on the eye-searing overhead fixture.

All in all we’ve found uses for all of Jenesis’ battery powered lighting products to solve an array of different apartment lighting problems. We’re always glad to have our Jenesis lights with us whenever we move into a new apartment.


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